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June 27, 2020
1 why in in the current modern trade the integration of economic affairs from design to completion is an important priority to every manufacturing companies 2 define the parties involved directly and indirectly in supply chain and their role for smoot 1
June 27, 2020
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critique 7 different articles over the six international patient safety goals

Choose 7 different articles to critique over the six international patient safety goals. Remember, the six international patient safety goals are:

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  • Ensuring correct patient identification
  • Ensuring effective communication
  • Ensuring the safety of high alert medications
  • Ensuring correct site, correct surgery, correct procedure.
  • Preventing healthcare associated infections
  • Preventing patient’s fall

The 7 articles are not required to be over the same topic as long as it falls within the international patient safety goals. You can use the suggested articles. If you feel that you want to replace one or more articles to something you choose, feel free to do that. However, you should remember that all 7 articles are required to be randomized control clinical trials. You only need to read and critique a total of 7 articles for this assignment. All articles must fall within these goals. it is not required that you find at least 1 article on each of the 6 international patient safety goals. You can decide which goal is most important to you, or you can pick a few of them. It is only natural that this assignment will give you articles that are not closely related

Do not regurgitate the articles to me.This is not a summary but a critique of the methodology used in the study.Do not answer yes or no to the questions below.Give examples from the study and/or from your textbook to provide rationale to support your statements. Do not give short answers. Be detailed and give as much thoughts as possible for each question. If you are going to use this guide, do it separately for each article. It means that you will answer all questions for each article.


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