Simon and Alvin Copyright Infringement Memo and Brief
June 18, 2020
Two Pesos, Inc. v. Taco Cabana, Inc. Case Analysis
June 18, 2020
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cultural diversity

Nancy is an autonomous 85-year-old living in her own home. She is hospitalized for atrial fibrillation and two new medications are added to her regime. She has been forgetful and asks the nurse to repeat statements several times. She doesn’t think she can remember to take all her medications and asks if Medicare can pay for someone to come administer the medications twice a day.  Does Nancy meet the eligibility for home care visits? If so, how much (if any) would Medicare pay for home care for Nancy? What other options could be discussed with Nancy? Explore options for living in an independent or assisted living home. What are the costs involved?  Your initial post must include a minimum of 300 words and include proper grammar, punctuation, and reference(s). 

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