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Customer Journey Map Design Group Project:

Customer Journey Map Design Group Project:

Presentation and Report Submission 

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Working as a team develop a customer journey map that documents the different stages that the customer goes through from becoming aware to finally purchasing and using a product or service. Select one of the companies a member of the team works for and do the journey map. You can focus on a specific market segment to simplify the process. If your company already has customer journey maps, select a company or product among you that does not have a journey map. It’s important that students engage in the process. 

There is really no one definitive format for building journey maps. Journey maps vary widely. Journey maps should capture the customer at different stages of from awareness through buying and post purchase states. Secondly, it should explain the role of each channel touch point at each of these stages. Thirdly, it should specify what metrics you would want to capture on the customer at each of these stages. Finally, it should specify some strategic objective or persuasion objective at each of these stages. Beyond these requirements, you have wide latitude to design your journey map. You could choose to use the grid format or you might want to actually use some sequential boxes and arrows that depict more of a journey (see Journey Map folder in files menu). Please note this is your decision and that the instructor is not in a position, given the pace of the course, to provide guidance while you’re doing the journey map. Don’t obsess about perfection; Journey maps evolve over time to improve their relevance and usefulness. Two articles should be read before attempting this journey map.

Develop a presentation for deliver to the class on the targeted date. Also submit to canvas. Powerpoints often don’t convey the in words the content of the report so please provide a written overview of about a page single spaced.

Suggestions executing this project:

  1. First read the articles (See Journey Map Folder in files menu)
  2. Select company and product sales to be mapped. Have the person who is familiar with the company create boxes and arrows with prepurchase and post purchase steps.
  3. Have 2 group members review the Definitive-Guide-to-Marketing-Metrics article so they can suggest relevant metrics at each point of the Journey.
  4. Add details/content to the map.
  5. Write summary of the journey map and submit. 


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