(TCOs 2, 4) Explain in what way the thinking of the following statement is wrong or defective. Give reasons for your judgment. Joining the military,…
September 11, 2020
Westward Expansion is defined as the US expanding to the land west of the original 13 ___________. A) tribes B) colonies C) states D) nations
September 11, 2020
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design a survey question

A survey involves asking a set of well designed

questions to a representative sample of people. The goal of the survey is

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to test the ideas/hypotheses that arose from the earlier steps (e.g.

secondary data and group interviews) and to get quantitative data so we

can more reliably answer our questions. In this project, we will likely be

addressing issues such as reasons non-donors don’t donate and possible

ways to increase their likelihood to donate. Again, we will probably want

to focus on things that might differentially affect groups unlike the typical

donor population that are well represented in our class (e.g. young

people, new Australians, foreign residents).


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