Illness & Disease Management across
June 2, 2020
Name and describe in detail a key specific and recent social technology. What are at least two key moral problems this technology creates
June 2, 2020
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Designing and implementing a project

  1. What was the focus of your leadership project, the goals you set for yourself, and the competencies you hoped to achieve?
  2. How did you discover the need for this project, and how did it fit into the organization’s philosophy and mission?
  3. Did you encounter any real or potential barriers during your practicum experience related to your project?
  4. Discuss how the outcomes of your project will be measured? Is your project one that is sustainable or is it designed to be a single occurrence?
  5. Evaluate the success of your project. If you were not able to implement your project, discuss why. What are the next steps for the project?

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