In three to four sentences, mention (1) one disadvantage of using real GDP per capita as a standard of living measurement and (2) one factor that is included in an alternative measurement for the qual
October 21, 2020
The writer who became known for his rags to riches stories, often interpreted to mean anyone with the right attitude could get rich, was
October 21, 2020
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Detecting Deception

In Chapter 3, Dr. Tim Levine cites years of research to make the argument that observing nonverbal behaviors (e.g., level of eye contact, fidgeting, speech rate, etc.) is not the best way to detect deception. Rather, he states that it is more important to focus on the context and whether the person has a motive to lie.

Considering the discussion of deception in Chapter 3 and in the module, please answer the following:

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1.) Do you agree with Dr. Levine’s arguments regarding deception detection? Why or why not?

2.) How do you try to tell if someone is lying to you? Why do you use this approach?

3.) How effective do you think your approach is, and why?  

Be specific in your response. Where possible, use examples of real-life encounters where you’ve either caught someone lying or attempted to catch someone lying (without giving names or ratting anyone out!). 


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