This paper will consist of analyzing the ethical dimensions of the film that you select to discuss. In your paper, be sure to include a well-reasoned analysis of the story and its characters. Your film analysis should cover at least one of the following moral theories listed below. Virtue Ethics Utilitarian Ethics Pragmatist Ethics Social Contract Theory The Ethics of Care Kantian Deontological Ethics Sentimentalism Subjectivism/Nonobjectivism Cultural Ethical Relativism Theological Voluntarism Moral Pluralism Paper Format Title Page – In APA format, include your paper’s title, name, and institution (i.e., Galen College), in that order. Introduction – Provide a brief plot summary to give the reader an overview of the film. Ethical Analysis – Apply one ethical theory to the medical moral problem presented in the film. Discuss how this ethical theory could provide solutions or recommendations for remedying the ethical problem. Be sure to address the following questions: What medical moral problem is present in the story? What moral values are reinforced in the film? Are there instances of moral values in conflict with one another? What moral guidance does the ethical theory that you selected to discuss provide the characters in the film? Conclusion – Summarize what you’ve discussed in the essay and reflect on what you learned. Lastly, discuss how what you have learned could apply to your professional and personal life
September 10, 2019
Write a 2 page essay using current APA formatting to address the following: Discuss the challenges involved in urban deliveries/city logistics in your current town (or your hometown). Evaluate some of the emerging technologies that you think are going to be adopted for urban deliveries in your selected town. Include a title and reference page and at least three (3) references (preferably peer-reviewed). Make sure to use figures, tables, or graphs in your paper.
September 10, 2019
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Differentiating Instruction Your written response to this discussion prompt assesses your ability to discuss teaching and learning with leadership. This discussion also supports your achievement of Course Learning Outcome Three. Teachers have a powerful role in the classroom and larger school community. School teachers, administrators, curriculum and instructional specialists, and educators/trainers make hundreds of decisions a day; these decisions affect many people. As such, it is important for educators to ground their decisions according to the latest research and in alignment with the established vision for their organization. Initial Post: Post an initial response that addresses the following areas: Read Phelps’ (2008) article titled “Helping teachers become leaders.” Compare his statement with at least two vision statements that you find via a Google search. In the discussion forum, create your own vision statement. Phelps provides an example in the article. As Phelps (2008) suggests, go beyond mantras such as “all students can learn” (p. 119). The heart of your vision should address an educational dilemma in a diverse learning context. For example, a possible dilemma in the mantra “all students can learn” is that there are teachers who believe that some students do not learn, which is indicative of a “one size fits all” type of teaching. Your vision statement will address a problem you see in education and describe how you choose to solve that problem. Reflect on how your beliefs will influence your classroom practices. As Phelps (2008) indicates, “Formulating one’s vision in writing makes its achievement more likely” (p. 120).

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