Although a typical ten-year-old would be assumed to be using concrete-operational thought, not all children are typical in their development. Any given ten-year-old may be typical, cognitively delayed
October 21, 2020
October 21, 2020
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Digital Media / Due soon

Please make sure you Do Not copy anything from internet at all. or I will fail this class

Make sure you open the attached documents

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(Digital Media )

my Homework is : 

 should write three short papers responding to the assigned readings and films. • The first part of the paper should demonstrate your ability to summarize and integrate the material from the text, explain key arguments, define new terminology, introduce the significance of cited scholars, analyze the essay critically and provide your reaction to it. • The second part of the paper should demonstrate your ability to apply these arguments in a discussion of specific media texts while stating your position on the subject.


• Papers will be evaluated according to the extent to which they reflect thorough research, clarity of thought, and adherence to the principles of effective writing. • Format: Two page paper, 1 inch margin all around, Times New Roman, 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing. APA/MLA/Chicago style of citation.

my professor needs… 

1-  There are two  articles about (National cinema and the other two about Israeli cinema) and how they connect to the movie Beaufort

2- ( Here are all articles) 

3-  I need 2 discussion question about each articles 

4- I need it  tomorrow before 11 PM.

this is the link for the film


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