Suppose LG decided to invest 45 billion won in developing and launching a new model of its smart bathroom scales, expecting that it will bring additional sales of 60 billion won. The company has alrea
October 9, 2020
Suppose Congress, influenced by students linking cigarette smoking to cancer, plan to raise the exercise tax on cigarettes so the price raises by 10%….
October 9, 2020
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Digital pedometers are produced and sold in a perfectly competitive market, where demand is given by MWTP ( Q ) = 180 . 25 Q . (a)Initially, firms…

1.   Digital pedometers are produced and sold in a perfectly competitive market, where demand is given by MWTP(Q) = 18−0.25Q.

(a)    Initially, firms can produce pedometers at a total cost: . The market is in long-run equilibrium. What is the prevailing market price for pedometers, and how many pedometers does a typical rm make? How many firms are there overall?

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(b)    Somebody has written an open-source program that manufacturers of pedometers can use to lower their costs of making pedometers. Specifically, in the short-run, existing firms can now use the new technology to produce at a cost , but new firms cannot enter. What is the short-run supply curve of the existing firms using this new technology? What is the new market price, total quantity, and quantity produced by each rm?

(c)    In the long-run, new firms can enter and use the new production technology. What is the new long run equilibrium price, total quantity, number of firms, and output per firm?


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