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Discuss the organization’s funding sources and research current state and federal policies that impact the agency’s funding at Veteran Resilience Project

Due Sunday March 29 by 6pm Central Standard Time

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Required reading Websites

AGENCY: Veteran Resilience Project

Veterans resilience Project. (, 2019). What We Do. Retrieved from

Veterans Resilience Project Funding Attachment Document

Minnesota Board of Psychology. (2020). Minnesota Board of Psychology . Retrieved from

Minnesota board of psychology . (2013). MINNESOTA BOARD OF PSYCHOLOGY PSYCHOLOGY PRACTICE ACT . Retrieved from

Minnesota Board of Psychology . (2020). Rules of Conduct . Retrieved from


Submit a 1-2 page paper in which you:

1. Identify the agencies funding sources

2. Identify state and federal policies that impact the agency’s funding.

3. Explain in specific detail, the impact of the policies identified and how they impact the agency’s funding.

4. Discuss potential threats to the agency’s funding as a result of the current policies. 

Use APA format and intext citation and references from Require reading and any other creditable outside sources 

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