As a business manager, you may encounter situations that require a wide variety of communication responses. For this assessment, you will be creating…
August 29, 2020
cAN ANYONE REVISE DOCUMENT BELOW to: Courtney and Carita, StopNShopToday Inc owner from: Natasha Rumph subject: Employee Incentives date:
August 29, 2020
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Discussion 7

Go to one of your favorite stores and take a picture of something that catches your eye—the front entrance from the street, a display rack inside, a sign on the wall, etc. Upload the photo to the discussion thread and provide a summary of the following:

1. The products offered by the store you visited and why you like shopping there

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2. What the photo shows us about the decisions the store has made regarding one or more of the 4 P’s

3. How these 4 P’s work together to keep you coming back again and again. product, place, promotion, and price


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