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discusssion question

Week 3 discussion question Rel/133 please number the answers 

1-How do Buddhist teachings differ from traditional Hindu thought?

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2-So, class, according to Buddhism, how do our own desires cause human suffering?

3-This is a key concept in Buddhism.  How does the teaching on Nirvana affect Buddhist practices?

4- Do you think that paying homage to the Buddha’s teachings and not the person of Buddha is confusing to non-Buddhists?

5-Class, what differences have you noticed between Hindu meditations and Buddhist meditations?

6-What are the Three Jewels of Buddhism? What are the Four Noble Truths? What are the steps of the Noble Eightfold Path? How do these teachings inform the practice of Buddhism?

7-Class, how does the Buddha’s focus on human suffering influence his overall teachings?

8-So, what are the main differences between these branches in Buddhism?


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