Several countries around the world are transitioning to market economies; the most significant of these are China and Russia.
October 26, 2020
Imagine that the president has deployed forces to intervene in a civil war in the Middle East. The purpose of the deployment is to protect the civilians in a large city from an imminent attack by thei
October 26, 2020
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ECONOMICS- New Journal

Please use the attached articles and powerpoint slides to complete the following news journal:

The News Journal should include:  (a) a summary of the articles, and (b) a combined economic discussion/analysis of the articles. Maximum length is six double (or 1.5) spaced pages. 

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Please follow the guidelines below: 


-addresses questions thoughtfully

-analysis is positive (not normative)

-analysis considers all possible sides

-analysis uses concepts and frameworks from class

-Does not re-teach material

-economic concepts and terminology are used correctly

-if used, any tables, graphs or equations enhance or support the analysis


-report uses active voice

-does not change voice in the report

-sentences are easy to read the first time through

-the report should read as if the author is speaking

-the report is written simply and clearly—no elegant variation or unnecessarily flowery language.

-articles are considered as a whole, not one by one.


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