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Economics of Disney

Based on Disney, write a 500-word essay (reference list at end not included) about either economics and/or regulation factors or issues related to your company (Note: You may choose one of these themes or both). Identify three concepts/terms from the readings and/or class related to the topic and highlight them in bold in your analysis of a specific issue related to your company. You also need three sources of information, which includes your textbook and (2) two other credible sources, which should be listed in your References list at the end of the essay.

For instance, if your media company is Facebook, you may focus on the theme of Regulation and select three (3) key concepts from “Chapter 4: Political Influence on Media” and/or class. Then use these concepts to analyze the implications of regulation of (or by) Facebook for a specific issue, such as the fake news controversy, or hate speech sites, etc. (choose just one issue). For the three (3) information sources, use your textbook and two other sources (such as articles in the New York Times, WIRED, BBC, etc.).

Use the MFJS research guide created for this course (created by Jenny Bowers) – go to main library page, go to Research Guides and type in “mfjs culture.”

Outline of essay

A. At the beginning of your essay include (just state these things, no need to explain here):

1. Media Company:
2. Main theme: Regulation (or Economics)
3. Three key concepts:
4. Specific issue or sub-theme (related to your company) for analysis:

Below this information includes the following:

B. Introduction – summary of your analysis and why it is important (the significance of the sub-theme)

C. Identify and define 3 key concepts

D. Explain sub-theme and why it is relevant and how it relates to your media company

E. Present your analysis of each concept, one at a time and how it relates to your sub-theme and media company.

F. Conclusions – summarize analysis and give two recommendations for how to address or resolve the issue of your sub-theme

Sourcing Specifications: Use your textbook as well as (2) additional credible sources. Include a References list of these sources at the end of your essay (not included in the word count) and also cite them in your text.

Important: Please see the course APA Style Sheets – handouts (in General Module) for guidance about how to cite your sources for these assignments. Additionally, it is important that you treat each of these essays as a FORMAL writing assignment and do not use conversational language or personal reflection. Unless asked otherwise, do not rely on personal beliefs or experiences to substantiate your claims; instead, please find outside sources such as newspaper or magazine articles (or trustworthy websites!) to support your arguments.

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