Getting used to your scholarly level of contribution, I want to challenge you to choose two theories to master, and then apply them to what I
October 19, 2020
The use of canvas as a primary painting surface came of age in which century: 14
October 19, 2020
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economics questions

Research Project:1 This assignment is designed for students to demonstrate mastery of three skills: (1) connect economic theory with empirical analysis, (2) relate individual research to the economics literature, and (3) communicate research findings effectively through both oral and written mediums. Students will complete the project in multiple stages, receiving peer and instructor feedback throughout the semester. The final product will be a 5-8 page paper (excluding tables and references) and a presentation at the Stander Symposium. Details for each stage of the project are described below. 1 Students may not submit the same research paper that has been or will be submitted for a grade in any other course at the University, including but not limited to econometrics, forecasting, independent studies, or honors thesis research. Students may, however, use the same data source for projects in this and any other of these classes if cleared with the professor. Failure to generate a sufficiently new research paper in this course will be considered cheating. 2 Note: At each stage, unless otherwise specified, (i) submit an electronic copy prior to the start of class to Dropbox, (ii) bring 1 hard copy of the entire write-up to class, and (iii) bring 3 copies of all tables to class. 1. Research Proposal: (Due Tuesday, February 7th) The proposal should be typed and all sources should be properly cited. It should include the following: • 4-5 typed paragraphs that address the following questions: (a) What is your research question and why is it important or relevant? (b) What is your main dependent variable? (c) What specific hypotheses are you testing, and which key independent variables are you using to accomplish this? (d) What other variables are being used as control variables, and why are the needed? (e) How does your research project relate to at least one peer-reviewed study? • The specific data source(s) that you will use to conduct the study • Citations for at least four other relevant peer-reviewed journal articles. • Table A1, as shown in the example research packet, that includes a list of dependent & independent variables. 

I need a proposal and it’s due in 10 hours, you should create a topic. like does college education effects the wage? A manager hires better labor  rents good capital equipment will products hight benefit?

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