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Encryption lab. complete the following lab requirement and submit assignment

I’m studying for my Python class and need an explanation.

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  • f you are using Windows please download and install VMWare Player or Virtual Box and install Kali Linux
  • If you are using macOS, you may install Kali Linux as shown here or simply use Python at the command line
  • Using one of the links given below, encrypt or decrypt a file or phrase. Demonstrate using the example given.
  • Make a few changes and see if you get similar results
  • Submit a single Word Document with screen shots explaining which video you followed and the results you got.
  • It does not have to be strict APA format, but be sure to cite your sources.

link given

1. Simple AES encryption-

2. Encryption and decryption with Python–

3. Encrypt and decrypt any file in Kali–

4. Hash decrypter–

5. Encryption and Decryption–

6. Ceasar Cypher for macOS–


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