Explain wars of retribution and apply it to Austria and Serbia in 1914
April 27, 2020
Speaking Truths with Film.
April 27, 2020
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experiencing the lifespan chapters 4-6

Apply your knowledge from Chapters 4-6 


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Go back to the first Apply your knowledge discussion for the full directions.  This is the same assignment. Remember, you can email me your topics and I’ll tell you if they are ok.

Checklist for the assignment.  Use this to make sure you have all the parts.

  1. Found a topic in the chapters for this unit that interested me.
    1. My topic isn’t a category.
    2. If I was unsure about my topic, I emailed Dr. Mike
  2. Wrote down the definition from the text to make sure I understand the topic.
    1. This is so you know what you need to include in your story. Do not include the definition in your post.
  3. Started my story with a statement of my topic.  I did not include the definition.
  4. Composed a story about people that includes all the parts of the definition.
    1. My story has not been used in any of the class materials.
    2. I included a reference if I paraphrased my story from another source.
  5. Included the age of the person and it matches the age in the chapter.
  6. Ended the story with a sentence saying how my story connects to my topic.
  7. Posted a second story in a different post.
    1. Found another topic in the text.
    2. Or read another student’s post that has a topic I’m interested in and replied with my own story about it.
    3. Checked 2-6 above for my second post.



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