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experiencing the lifespan/key point

The key points.

  1. If you were using the concept of goodness of fit from chapter 4 to parent your child, give a specific example how you would use it.
  2. Write a story  for Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development.  Make sure your example contains all the parts of moving a child through the zone as described in Belsky.
  3. Write a story for prosocial behavior

To get you started, I’ve written stories for each.  

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Definition. Goodness of fit refers to a parent matching the child’s environment to their temperament.  By doing so they maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. 

Example. The key point is goodness of fit. I’m using it to parent an exuberant child who gets into everything.   Irena is a toddler who gets into everything. To effectively manage her behavior and keep her safe, you need to do two things.  Her parents provide a safe place for her to play such as a playroom stocked with toys.  To play to her strength (getting into everything), mon and dad provide toys that she can take apart.  They also place some toys in boxes, cabinets, etc. so she can look for them.  To keep her safe, they childproof their house by putting away all dangerous items, installing locks on cabinets, and putting up gates to keep her out of certain rooms.  This is an example of goodness of fit because they are playing to her strengths and minimizing her weaknesses..

Defintion. Zone of proximal development is the place between what an elementary age child knows and what they are trying to learn.  They cannot learn it by themselves so they need the help of an expert (teacher).   The teacher has to present the new information in small bits called scaffolding.  Each time the learner masters one of the small bits, the teacher praises them for their success.

Example.  The key point is zone of proximal development.  Bethany sits with their 6 year old son while he reads. When he comes to a word he doesn’t know, Bethany says the word and has her son repeat it. She praises him when he gets it right.  Then they read the sentence containing the word again and she praises him again.  Each time he doesn’t know a word, Bethany does the same thing. She says the word for him; has him repeat the word; praises him for getting it right; then has him repeat the sentence containing the word; and praises him for getting the sentence right. They keep reading the passage until her son knows all the words.  Bethany is scaffolding her son through the zone of proximal development by having him reread the text a piece at a time and helping them with words they don’t know in each piece until he knows them all. 

Definition.  Prosocial behavior involves a preschool or elementary age child engaging in a behavior for the goodness of others.  It promotes good relationships.  Any helping behavior of a preschooler or elementary age child works.

Example. The key point is prosocial behavior.  Chloe, a first grader, sees her classmate fall and hurt herself.  She goes over to the fallen child, asks her if she is ok, comforts her by holding her hand.  Then she runs to the teacher for help.   This is an example of prosocial behavior because she is helping another child in need. 

Checklist for writing stories.  Use this to make sure you have included all the required content.

  1. Looked up the key point in the text.
  2. Wrote down the definition to make sure your story covers all the points in it.
    1. This is so you know what you need to include in your story. Do not include the definition in your post.
  3. Started my story with a statement of the key point and did not include the definition.
  4. Composed a story about people that includes all the parts of the definition from the text.
    1. My story has not been used in any of the class materials.  It’s the topic that counts.  For example, if the text uses an example of school for a key point, you can’t talk about school again even if you change the story to a different kind of school.
    2. I included a reference if I paraphrased my story from another source.
    3. I included only one story for each point.
  5. I Included the age of the person and it matches the age in the chapter where I found the key point.
  6. Ended the story with a sentence saying how my story connects to the key point.
  7. Checked 1-6 for each key point



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