Scenario: If you are a purchasing agent looking at a local supplier versus a distant supplier to supply your product, what factors would be considered in your selection decision?
June 4, 2020
Discuss in your own words how can a professional portfolio be used to convey your professional identity? What do you think would be important to include in your professional portfolio?
June 4, 2020
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First of all if a strategic plan cannot be put into action then what good is the plan?

The statement is not always true but in majority of the cases the strategic plan needs to be executed in order to yield result and it may seem that a strategic plan which cannot be put into action is actually of no use. There are plans which are not done to be executed currently, rather they are planned for a future prospect therefore in that case we can say that it cannot be put into action at present but may be possible in the future. If any strategic plan for the present cannot be put into action then actually the plan is no good.


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