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April 10, 2020
follow- up question 26536 order
April 10, 2020
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follow- up question 26536 order Technology’s Impact on Population Health

Wearable devices play an important part in healthcare delivery as they can accurately record patient data and behaviours that enable care providers to quickly and accurately diagnose patients and commence treatment (Lewy, 2015). However, Patel, Asch, & Volpp (2015) notes that they are not effective in motivating an individual to change their habits and improve their health. This is based on the fact that there exists a sizeable gap between recorded information on wearable devices and the corresponding behaviour change. This paper explores how nurses can bridge this gap by taking advantage of wearable devices to promote healthy lifestyles and improve compliance with self-care and monitoring.

Wearable devices enable nurses to monitor actual patient behaviours (Lewy, 2015). This empowers them to be able to identify potential diseases that a patient is exposed to as a result of their lifestyle choices. Consequently, they can proactively guide the patient through offering tailor-made tips for a lifestyle change which results in the prevention of the disease.  Also, monitoring can help patients suffering from chronic illnesses to comply with self-care as nurses can get alerts when patients take or fail to take their medicine(Chiauzzi, Rodarte, & Dasmahapatra, 2015). These devices provide nurses with enough data on patient health. This enables them to analyze a patient’s response to treatment and can guide them when developing a care plan based on the data.  It also empowers nurses to diagnose patient’s illnesses and provide them with tailored educational materials on how they can manage the disease as well as how to monitor it. They also train patients to identify risks such as worsened conditions (Lewy, 2015).

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In conclusion, the ability of nurses to monitor, analyze and accurately diagnose patients through wearable devices facilitates compliance with self-care and monitoring  through the sharing of educational materials, sharing of tips to change lifestyle, reminders and alert from nurses to patients.


Chiauzzi, E., Rodarte, C., & Dasmahapatra, P. (2015). Patient-centered activity monitoring in the self-management of chronic health conditions. BMC Medicine13(1). doi: 10.1186/s12916-015-0319-2

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Can wearable devices be manipulated by the patient to falsely show negative and/or positive results?

Here’s a follow-up question from a topic related to our readings throughout the class – Navigate to the AHRQ Patient Safety Network http://psnet.ahrq.gov/primerHome.aspx . Investigate the topic of Alert Fatigue and share your findings.


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