List three (3) goods or services that you buy frequently. Fill in the following details for each goods or service in the provided table:
October 8, 2020
discuss how the changes in autonomous expenditures affect income and output. Use the above example, let G 0 = 200 and calculate the new equilibrium…
October 9, 2020
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Good / Country : A B S: 8 12 T: 12 3 Let W= $10/hr. and E*W =$15 1. Will trade take place? How do you know?

Good / Country :   A           B

                      S:    8            12

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                     T:     12          3

Let Wᴀ= $10/hr.  and E*Wʙ =$15

1.      Will trade take place? How do you know? Explain

2.      What Is the world ToT? please show your work.

3.      Show in terms of purchasing power of an hour of labor that consumers of both countries are better off (if trade takes place).


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