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Healing And Healers

Healing And Healers

1.Read the USTS Report, Executive Summary.

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(a)What does the report say about transgender people and

i.Mistreatment and violence

ii.Economic hardship

iii.Healthcare experiences


(b)What does the report say about growing visibility and acceptance?

(c)What topics are included in the key findings of the study?

2.Read the APA (7th Ed.) Manual Ch .5 on Bias-free language. In your own words, describe what the manual says about writing about

(a)Gender vs. sex

(b)Gender identity

(c)Reporting of gender

(d)Transgender and gender-nonconforming people

(e)Sex assignment

(f)Gender and noun usage

(g)Gender and pronoun usage

(h)Terms that imply binaries

3.Read “Caregiving Flowed like Water.”

(a)What did you learn about Cherokee culture that was new to you?

(b)What does the chapter say about Two-Spirit beings?

(c)In what (multiple) ways was Kenneth a healer?

4.Read Tedlock, The Woman in the Shaman’s Body

In 2-3 paragraphs, in your own words, describe what the author says about gender shifting in shamanism.


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