For this paper, discuss the meaning of freedom for the following groups: freed slaves, white southerners, the businessmen of the Gilded Age, immigrants and other factory workers/laborers, and imperialists and non-imperialists. In what ways did the federal
November 7, 2020
Writing one or two pages following the instructions below
November 7, 2020
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health and medical

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Create a concept map

  • Consider the broad topic (e.g., health care delivery).
  • Include the specific key components (categories/sub-topics) of health care delivery.
  • Include at least three categories/subtopics under each of the key components.

Assignment Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to provide practical experience with increasing your knowledge and understanding of the key components of healthcare delivery. You will organize and represent your knowledge in a concept map.

Assignment Directions

A concept map is a graphical tool used for organizing and representing knowledge of a topic or subject. It is also useful for brainstorming, conceptualizing new ideas, identifying a relationship between concepts, and facilitating communication. Concept map components include a main idea/topic, key concepts, and relationships/links between concepts.

There are various approaches for creating a concept map. Please see the YouTube video on creating a concept map in this week’s Required and Suggested Reading section. Also, see the concept map template information in the Student Resources section of the classroom. Feel free to explore other concept maps videos and templates or to create your own using a Microsoft Office tool such as PowerPoint.


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