June 17, 2020
June 17, 2020
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health masters of nursing


Write a three-page paper that recommends three policy changes to support proper access to medications for all consumers, fair pricing, and reasonable regulation of new drugs coming to market.

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Use current references from within the past six months for each policy.

Scholarly articles synthesis

APA 7th ed

Writing Assignment Rubric

Writing Assignment Rubric – 100 Points
CRITERIA Exceeds Expectations
Content Demonstrates an understanding of the subject matter and the assignment.

Clearly connects to analysis, case studies, and other illustrations of the subject or topic.

Robust incorporation of relevant evidence. 

60 points
Organization Focuses on ideas and concepts within paragraphs. Sentences are well-connected and meaningful.

Each topic logically follows the objective.

The introduction clearly states the objective or ideas  leading to the purpose of the paper, and there is a sound conclusion  that draws the ideas together. 

15 points
Clarity and Style (Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation) Few to no errors in writing mechanics, spelling, and grammar. 

15 points
APA Format Few to no errors in APA formatting, including margins, spacing, pagination,  headings, headers, citations, and references, according to the specified citation manual. 

10 points
Total points 100

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