Explain how this information may impact the way you prescribe medications to clients. Include a specific example of a situation or case with a client in which the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner must be aware of the medication’s action
May 18, 2020
West Nile Virus Diseases
May 18, 2020
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Healthy sleep for children

Healthy sleep for children


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This assignment is the initial draft of a work plan designed to increase use of best practices in a public health organization. Creating a well-designed implementation plan requires that you move through each stage of writing before you submit the end product to your intended audience, including:

  • Prewriting.
  • Drafting.
  • Peer Review.
  • Revising.
  • Proofreading.
  • Submitting.

The assignments and discussion posts in this course are all examples of the prewriting stage. Throughout the course you have been assembling a growing list of resources and already have them formatted in APA style and stored in your RefWorks bibliography, ready to be incorporated into this draft.

Pay attention to the purpose of a draft, which is to elicit feedback so you can refine and proof your work before you deliver a document to a high-stakes audience. All the fundamental elements are put in place, but until you get stakeholder feedback and have revised and proofed your work, it isn’t “ready for prime time.”

Assignment Instructions

To successfully complete this assignment, your draft must include the following:

  • A description of the organization and an explanation of the management structure of a population-based public health program. You will need to support your description of the structure based on current management-theory literature.
  • A general overview and analysis of the administrative processes and coordination of resources within public health organizations and programs.
  • A description of recommended management tools to be applied to help ensure safe and clean work environments.
  • Implementation Plan: formulate specific intervention strategies to communicate and disseminate information in crisis situations associated with the public health problem identified in the work plan.
  • Financials: you will need to identify funding sources for the program described in your implementation plan.

Additional Requirements

Your 7–8 page draft (not including title page and appendix) should have the following sections:

  • Title Page.
  • Abstract or Executive Summary.
  • Introduction and Background.
  • Goals and Objectives.
    • Organizational Goals.
    • Strategies for a clean and safe environment.
  • Organizational Resources and Programs.
  • Plan.
  • References.

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