When total utility falls, marginal utility is _____.
October 13, 2020
[Dictator game and impunity game] The “dictator game” differs from the ultimatum game only in that person 2 does not have the option to reject person…
October 13, 2020
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Hello, I am having difficulties with being able to do the graphs.


I am having difficulties with being able to do the graphs. Can someone please help with this question and show a demonstration of the graphing more importantly. The graphing is the most important thing.

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Graphically demonstrate the effect of each of the following on either the short-run aggregate supply (SAS) curve or the long-run aggregate supply (LAS) curve. Be sure to label all axes.

a.                  Businesses find that they are unable to produce more output without having to pay more wages nor increase their costs of capital.

b.                  Productivity rises by 3% and input prices rise by 5%.

c.                   A forest fire destroys a significant portion of Canada.

d.                  The country’s currency depreciates dramatically.

e.                  Productivity rises by 3% and wages rise by 3%.




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