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August 6, 2020
Maximizing efficiency and minimizing transportation cost, management homework help
August 6, 2020
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Help with a team project related to operation management

Hello There,

I am working on a project with other students and we have divided the work between us. I need someone to help me with my part. Mine is Identify clearly the issue in supply chain management at the company we picked, then generate a solution. you need to pick up 2 or three elements from the table in the attached file. I have attached the project outline info where I highlighted what I want you to be working on, our abstract, and some resources about the project.  It is only 2 pages.

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Do not write anything as an introductin or general information about the company since is this is a team project and another student will be responsible for it. my part will be a portion of the final report.

Please read the attachment carefully and then respond to me if you feel confident to do it.


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