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May 24, 2020
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Hyperparathyroidism (hyperglycemia)

This assessment is going to be the last one and for the two first assignments a got good grades pls.

You should follow the outline I will send to you (the name of the outline document is cardiac system). All the questions and points indicated in the outline must be included in the paper. The disease for this paper is hyperparathyroidism (hyperglycemia) I want the information about the disease to be around 2 pages and a half. I want the information to be mostly about the nuclear medicine procedure (parathyroid scintigraphy with SPECT-CT and the radiopharmaceutical used is 27.5 mCi Tc-99m sestamibi. You can find the findings of the procedure in the document named “Report” it’s okay to write the exact things as written in the report you need to just adjust few thing. The patient preperation and procedure are in a word document you need to paraphrase it and write it in details. I will also send you the history information to paraphrase and include in the history section.

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I have an example but with a different study. I will send it. It is called “Example”. Do not copy anything from it because it is for another student who has a different study and different information.




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