ACCT 301- Assignment 1
November 13, 2020
Describe a business problem that might lend itself to action research.
November 13, 2020
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I Need help with making a business proposal to send out to other businesses (mainly realtors) .

I need an explanation for this Business question to help me study.

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mention our website is and follow us on instagram facebook

We are a New local business (we supply junk removal ,Full home & businesses Estate Cleanouts ). We cleanup contruction sites , we cleanout full homes and basements , attics, shed , storage unit , businesses , garages ,we remove Furniture , Matteresses , Couches , carpet , hot tubs ,bathtub , households items ,tv, tires , rubbish , construction debris , sheds removal, yard waste removal fallen trees bushes piles of branches we take everything besides hazorous chemials,

We donate and recycle we believe in a Clean and Green Envirument

We value Honesty and being highly reliable

we are insured licenced offer same day and next day service

send us pictures what you want remove please check out our website

we also supply these services too

Demolition , Handyman (electrical, plumbing, drywall installation & repairs , , Odd jobs , Hauling , gutter cleaning , power washing, moving ,painting ,towing ,we take campers we take rvs we take trailers

write a persuasive letter to let realtors and other businesses know that we exist and that we value good custermer sevice reliablity honesty , efficient , neat. local . referals are deeply appreicated affordable.

tell them thank you sincerly owner & operator Willie Burgess


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