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June 5, 2020
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June 5, 2020
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Identify and understand the resources that will be needed to achieve the desired outcome.

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As a project manager, you must identify and understand the resources that will be needed to achieve the desired outcome. The vast majority of project management success depends on stakeholder’s acceptance and buy-in. When attempting to implement a change, often, the hardest component is managing the human resources that are essential to the project. The problems that a project manager could have with the various stakeholders are individuals becoming micro-managers, doubting the process, being procrastinators, or refusing to assist on the project (Buttrick, 2018).  A project manager may find themselves in this type of situation during every phase of the change project and can be the hardest hurdle to overcome.

Overcoming barriers and hurdles that can affect the project outcomes is essential.  Situations such as stakeholder push back can be difficult.  There can be multiple reasons why stakeholders oppose the change project, and as a project manager, you must know how to react and help change their thought process.  Project managers who can identify factors that may generate a more complex project can also help create a better understanding of how to limit the potential side effects. Complications that could become problematic are available resources, the environment, educational requirements, and type of workflow that may be necessary (Cristobal, Diaz, Carral, Fraguela, & Iglesias, 2019). The four different factors recognized can be results of stakeholders refusing to implement the change.  The best way a project manager can help improve these specific situations is by increasing knowledge and understanding.

Some of the stakeholder’s concerns may be based on the unfamiliarity of the project itself.  As a project manager, the best solution is taking the time to address concerns and provide education to help lessen their doubts and gain their overall support (Cristobal et al., 2019).  Alleviating fears and improving collaboration among stakeholders can hopefully help the project manager better manage their roles and responsibilities associated with the project.

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