Case Study 2 Consider the question of whether or not should the United States should abdopt the Gold Standard.
October 12, 2020
Therwer is owed 7,400 by Trader X, who is declared bankrupt. She finds she is an unsecured creditor and eventually receives only 1,184 in payment….
October 12, 2020
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Instructions for Business Cycle Extra Credit Paper Watch the Economic Cycle from YouTube Study…

Instructions for Business Cycle Extra Credit Paper

·       Watch the “Economic Cycle from YouTube”

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·       Study “US_Business_Cycle_Expansions_and_Contractions_20100920”, PDF.

·       Read “Introductions to Business Cycles”, PDF.

·       Look at “Kondratieff Wave Picture”.

·       Hyman Minsky the Financial Instability Hypothesis.

·       Hyman Minsky PIMCO Article.

·       Wicksell article.

Write a minimum of a seven-page paper as to your theory of the Business Cycle. In your paper, you must theorize the nature of the Expansion, Peak, Recession and Trough. The paper is due by July 23rd. at noon. Also, you must use at least some of the documents in the Extra Credit Folder.


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