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June 26, 2020
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javascript calculate number of moves required to solve tower of hanoi

Hello. I need JavaScript (and corresponding HTML code) program that will calculate the number of moves necessary to solve Tower of Hanoi given a number of disks (input by user – textbox input). There are formulas that calculate this – you are NOT going to use them. You will calculate this by implementing the recursive algorithm of the tower and counting every time a block is moved. You may also want to print out the moves. Also I recommend not allowing input greater that 7 blocks – it starts getting pretty big after that.

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I have included previous code to use as a base (see attached doc) – all you should need to do in this is push and pop from the stack.

Answer the following questions in the interface of the code.

1. What is the Complexity (In Big O)?

2. Should we be concerned with concerned with the legend of the world ending when the 64 disk solution is physically solved it it takes 1 seconds for each move? How many years will it take to complete the tower?

The classic example of a recursive solution to a relatively complex problem is the Tower of Hanoi – which is taught in every Computer Science program and in a lot of programming classes. As you add disks the solution becomes more complex, but it is a simple repetition of moves used in the 3 disk solution.


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