When it comes time to write, try to think, at minimum, of summarizing in a sentence or two the core argument of each essay, and then try to develop a proposition (or thesis, if you prefer) that respon
August 22, 2020
Choose a topic that is highly debated in the education world such as the use of standardized tests, single-gender classrooms, technology in education, pay for performance of teachers, etc. Find one a
August 22, 2020
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Jonestown- Religion or Cult? (DUE TONIGHT)

*Sociology assignment due tonight at midnight. Please only respond if you are able to complete the assignment tonight for the correct amount $10.00*

Directions: In a one to two page essay, address the questions below. Your essay should be double spaced and use 12 point Times New Roman font (black).Define religion and cultResearch Jonestown (The Peoples Temple). Summarize the events.Describe if you feel that the Peoples Temple was a religion or a cult.Apply one of the three sociological perspectives to religion (Conflict Theory, Functionalism, or Symbolic Interactionism)

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