Student Goals And Intervention
May 20, 2020
Ability to recognize and react to emergent patient/resident care situations and intervene while waiting for assistance. For example, recognizing need for basic life support, controlling bleeding and assisting with behavior crisis, etc.
May 20, 2020
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key points 4

The key points.

  1. Write a story for Sternberg’s consummate love.  Hint: Consummate love has three parts so make sure your example has all three clearly labeled.
  2. Write a story for socioemotional selectivity theory.
  3. Write a story for the terminal drop.  Hint: The terminal drop leads to a person’s death.

To get you started, I’ve written stories for all three points. 

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Definition. Consummate love is a combination of passion (excitement including sexual interactions), intimacy (personal sharing) and commitment (to stay together over the long term).   When you write your story, you have to give an example of each component and make sure it’s clearly labeled. 

Example. Diana and Eric met when they were in high school.   They are now in their 60s and have been happily married for 50 years.   They hope to have many more happy years together (commitment).  They enjoy cuddling and still have an active sex life which both find very satisfying.  The also enjoy doing exciting new things with each other. They just tried sky diving. This keeps passion in their relationship,  Through the years they have always been each other’s best friends.  They openly confide in each other and openly share their feelings.  They share the ups and downs of their lives and always discuss their problems (intimacy). This is a story about consummate love because Diana and Eric have all three components in their relationship — commitment, passion and intimacy. 

Definition. Socioemotional selectivity theory happens to the elderly who begin to realize they have very little time left so they spend more time with family and important friends.  

Example. My 69 year old grandfather just recently retired from work so he can spend more time with his wife, children and grandchildren.  He knows he doesn’t have much time left so he wants to spend as much of it with his family as he can.  He retired so he and his wife can move closer to their children and grandchildren.  He is looking forward to having his grandchildren visit.  He and his children and their families are planning on vacationing together.  Both grandparents have offered to babysit their grandchildren if needed. This is a story about socioemotional selectivity theory because my grandfather is choosing to spend as much time with his family as he can since he knows he doesn’t have much time left. 

Definition.  Terminal drop is a drop in cognitive (mental) functioning sometimes measured by a drop in the IQ scores of people in midlife or older that is predictive of a terminal illness or imminent death.  Dementia can’t be used because it is all about memory loss and isn’t necessarily fatal. 

Example. Our 65 year old neighbor used to be very good at games of trivia.  Recently, she began to have problems with easy facts. That progressed to having difficulty with definitions of common words that she has always known.   She was very good at solving puzzles but now she has difficulty with even easy ones. The problems keep getting worse as time passes.  Finally her family insisted she see her physician.  She diagnosed her with a terminal brain tumor.  A  few months later she died from the cancer. This is a story about terminal drop because she is demonstrating a drop in IQ connected to a fatal cancer. 

Checklist for writing stories.  Use this to make sure you have included all the required content.

  1. Looked up the key point in the text.
  2. Wrote down the definition to make sure your story covers all the points in it.
    1. This is so you know what you need to include in your story. Do not include the definition in your post.
  3. Started my story with a statement of the key point and did not include the definition.
  4. Composed a story about people that includes all the parts of the definition from the text.
    1. My story has not been used in any of the class materials.  It’s the topic that counts.  For example, if the text uses an example of school for a key point, you can’t talk about school again even if you change the story to a different kind of school.
    2. I included a reference if I paraphrased my story from another source.
    3. I included only one story for each point.
  5. I Included the age of the person and it matches the age in the chapter where I found the key point.
  6. Ended the story with a sentence saying how my story connects to the key point.
  7. Checked 1-6 for each key point.



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