The final task before setting up shop is to determine the optimal international strategy and organizational structure that will best support this international venture. The CEO of your organization has asked you to write a report on your recommendations o
November 22, 2020
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November 22, 2020
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Leadership Communication Critique

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In this milestone, discuss the impact of the leadership communications of your chosen organization. This exploration will be the next step into the world of evaluating effective communication processes for a company, which is a key component of the final project.

First, complete a SWOT analysis for your chosen organization. Then, compose a paper that shares your analysis. Critique the company’s process based on your understanding of systems theory as well as other leadership evaluative methods. You also have the option of creating a TED Talk-type video essay (in lieu of a paper) in which you make the case, as a speaker, for your position. If you choose the video essay, you may record your submission with a camcorder, webcam, or even your smartphone. See the optional articles in this module’s resources for guidance on making video recordings.




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