October 16, 2020
October 16, 2020
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List 3 sociological concepts, sociology homework help

In asingle Word document, please type your response to the 2 essayquestions listed below. Each answer should be approximately 2 pages, doublespaced (approximately 4 pages total). The paper should be Times New Roman,12-point font with 1” margins. Please feel free to use your textbook and notesto help you answer these questions.

  1. List 3sociological concepts, ideas, or facts that you have learned about socialstratification (inequalities across class, race/ethnicity, and gender) that youfeel will help you in your nursing career. Explain why these three things arerelevant to nursing and being a nurse, and explain how you will apply them. Youwill be graded on the appropriateness of the 3 items you select and the qualityof your argument for how they can be appliedpractically.
  1. Identify a deviant act in society (thiscannot come from your text or lecturette notes) and discuss what aspects of thedeviance a 1) functionalist, 2) conflict, and 3) interactionist sociologistwould care about and why. Be sure to explain why this is a deviant act. You willbe graded on your ability to properly identify an act of deviance and yourapplication of the different sociological perspectives to understandingit.


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