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March 28, 2020
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Nursing role and scope

The following is another student reply please chose one of the 3 answers and add some other extra information relating to. it should be 3 shorts paragraphs. Remember APA references and less than 20 % similarity. 


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1.  What is your role as a nurse in protecting patient healthcare information?

2.  Describe the role of information management nursing practice.

3.  Research what types of technologies and service such as free internet exist in South Florida for underserved populations. Describe what they are and how does the underserved population gain access to them


1.         Nurses have an incredible level of access to patient information to the point were leaving a screen open can result easily in identity theft. It is an expectation that nurses have the competence and skills of basic software used to maintain privacy, security and confidentiality. (Masters, 2017). Also it is the responsibility of the nurse to ensure that the patient information is protected at all times.

Nurses need to be aware that leaving a computer screen unlocked, for example, allows anyone to access patient health and biographical information. This can be used against the patient in legal issues and can be used for identity theft. As nurses we should make sure that no unauthorized person has access to our patient records.

Additionally it is important to keep in mind that the health information cannot be discussed in front of anyone without patient’s consent. It is an easy mistake to make when you walk into a patient room and assume that they are okay to share what is going on with their friends or family visiting. As nurses we have to ask and make sure that the patient is in agreement with sharing such information.

2.         Information management has the goal to help the nurse deliver safe and effective care, by the use of technology, systems and devices to support a safe practice. (Masters, 217) This is not only referring to software and electronic medical records. It is all electronic technologies that we use to assess, verify identifications, verify medications, etc. All of these supports the safe practice of nursing.

The collection of so much data has evolved in the complication of too much data. This data is not easily access for research because there is not a standardized format for filing, therefore, no standardized format to find it. (Masters, 2017). For example, if one nurse wants to research the studies supporting the practice of turning patients every two hours to prevent skin breakdown, there are many way to research the information and each combination of words will yields different studies. In this example all studies will get to more or less the same conclusion, but that is not true for every case of research.

It is important for the future use of data to train nurses in nomenclature usage. The more similar our reporting the easier and more efficient we will become at researching data. As we make more uniform recording on health records, information on each case will be easier to find to provide a better care for the patient.

3.         One of the technology services offered for the underserved is called Lifeline, which will give a $9.25 discount per month per household in either phone line or internet service. To qualify an application must be filed and approval by the company is needed. For the lifeline program is easier to qualify if the household receives other federal assistance. Research what types of technologies and service such as free internet exist in South Florida for underserved populations. Describe what they are and how does the underserved population gain access to them. (Cossick, et al., 2020)

            Another available service is the computer and free internet use in Miami Dade Public Library System, to access it the only requirement is to have a public library card. To obtain a library card one must go in person and show an ID and proof of residency in the county. (“Explore the Power of Your Library Card”)


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Explore the Power of Your Library Card. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.mdpls.org/library-card/library-card.asp

Masters, K. (2017). Role development in professional nursing practice. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learnin

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