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Implementing Change: Topic 1

Change, in personal or organizational context, is normally a stress-inducing event, and contrary to popular belief, diverse individuals react diversely to the introduction of change (Scott et al., 2003). In most cases, alterations only lead to tension, which is especially true when the consequences tamper with aspects of life that people consider essential, ultimately leading to feelings of uncertainty. Understanding why change causes more stress to some individuals and less to others is the key to developing a practical solution for the introduction of change (Wisse & Sleebos, 2016). In nursing practices, both sudden and gradual changes are unavoidable (as illustrated in the followingexperience with change), and hence the need to positively approach any change to reduce stress. 

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Once during my internship, the hospital underwent a significant transition in the nursing section. It was during a period when the aging nurses were retiring to offer room for younger and energetic individuals to fasten the pace of work in the larger wards and emergency units. I had the worst experience since I embraced nursing as my career of choice, as I was moved from charting to the Emergency Room (ER). What was meant to be a short week of helping out turned out to be two months of working  a lot of hours a day because the expected nurse could not make it due to unavoidable circumstances. The change in structure and the disruptions of set routines substantially caused tension in my life as I tried to learn new things without causing interruptions. While such change was inevitable, and the intent was to lessen the burden for elderly nurses, the consequences were a disruption to my personal and work life. 

Nevertheless, I now understand that such changes are important to ensure continuity and improve efficiency in performance, and both abrupt and constant changes are highly probable in medical institutions due to the dynamic and high-demand for care delivery. Such experiences align with the organization’s best practices in implementing change in that they enable the management implement new strategies without disruption normal operations. In nursing context, these experiences improveprocesses and practices for the benefit of both the staff and the patients (Wisse & Sleebos, 2016). However, it is essential for the management to practice proper communication to aid the practitioners to anticipate and embrace change. In so doing, medical professionals will have a better chance of coping with the stress and anxiety that comes with significant organizational change. 


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Did technology play a role (good or bad) in the stress you endured during these two months?

Here’s a follow-up question from a topic related to our readings throughout the class – Thinking about your last implementation (if you haven’t had one, consider this question hypothetical), were you able to challenge the policies and practices that comprise today’s workflow or were you able to create a workflow solution that eliminated non–value add steps?


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