discussion week 1-2
August 19, 2020
August 19, 2020
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Peer Review Activities

The student will review each section of a peer’s plan and provide adequate and constructive feedback. Each student will submit by posting in the Moodle forum each section of the plan on the assigned due date as a Word attachment (file name- your initials and the section name). Peer review will consist of opening your peer’s file and inserting comments using the Comment Tool in Word, changing the file name (add your initials and the word “Review” before the original file name), and posting as a reply by the due date. Students will work in groups throughout the term providing support, suggestions, and comments to their peer.

Here is a link it tells you what exactly you need to do:

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 I attached a sample file from other student to see how these comments looks like on the word document. Use your own comments to add them on the file name: BellMichael_BA499_StratRisk-DevelopmentExit-MarketSales_7-16-2017.docx   try to make helpful comments to make the paper of this student looks better.

This assignment need to be done by 18 July.


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