edu 324 week 4 dq2
October 18, 2020
What is meant by the gene-environment interaction perspective as it applies to personality?
October 18, 2020
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Phil Lesson 4

Discuss what the Stoics believed about events in our lives. Are they under our control or not? How should we approach things that frustrate us? Give an example of an area in your life where you might apply the Stoics’ philosophy.

You should have a minimum of 100 words for your initial post and a minimum of 100 words for your response to another student.

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Read the problem of evil as presented in Chapter 8 and then consider it in light of hedonism as discussed in Chapter 7.  Both talk about “good’ and “evil.”  Are they using “good” and “evil” in the same sense? If not, does this complicate our attempts to address the problem of evil, since it is concerned with why God allows evil?  Does hedonism offer any solution to the problem of evil?

At least 250 words.


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