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April 10, 2020
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April 10, 2020
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Political Culture Response

For this assignment, you will create a response (reflection) to a current event happening within American government.

For the ‘Per The Culture’ assignment, you were asked to read a journal article and couple the events discussed within it to a current political event happening now.

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Your political culture response will now be your personal reflection on the current event you highlighted in the ‘Per The Culture’ assignment.

 Response Guidelines: Each response will consist of the following:

-2 pages maximum

-2 in text citations (references) to the material used to learn about the current event (these may be the same references used for the ‘Per The Culture’ assignment.

-1 reference page

-Must address the questions provided by the professor on this instruction sheet.


Questions to consider (Please use these questions as headings to section within your response):

  1. What current event did you highlight within the 1st Per The Culture’ assignment?
  2. How did this current event effect America’s political culture?
  3. What caused your interest in this current event?
  4. What lessons can we learn (within the U.S) from this event?

Additional Guiltiness:

-12-point word size

-Times New Roman font

-Must include a reference page

-Must be submitted via eCampus

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