Medical Group Practices and Public Health
May 6, 2020
Explain five key historical influences on nursing and nursing education today. Be sure to address why these influences are important and how they have had an impact. Analyze three trends you believe will impact nursing and nursing education in the future. Explain how those trends relate to what you understand about nursing history. Support your assertions with credible sources.
May 6, 2020
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Professional development plan for your work as a nurse educator.

  • What are some approaches that nurse educators can use when encountering resistance to change?
  • How might effective leadership styles be the same or different for the following roles?      
    • BSN nursing faculty.
    • Community health educator.
    • Staff development educator.
  • What are some ways that scholarship fits with nursing practice?
  • How do you or would you view the following evaluation processes  as an educator? What can be most useful to faculty from student  evaluations?      
    • Regular evaluation of nurse educators by students and administrators.
    • Peer evaluations of teaching skills.

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