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October 3, 2020
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Project 3: Chi-square test Due date: August 3, 2018 1. Make a conjecture about some facet of sports.

Project 3: Chi-square test

Due date: August 3, 2018

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1. Make a conjecture about some facet of sports.

            a. For example, “Curtis Granderson is a less good hitter when facing left-handed pitching.”

            b. Choose an example with a clear, dichotomous definition of success; e.g. “he gets a hit, not an out.” This is your dependent variable, and it is given in the columns of the table.

            c. The independent variable (e.g. type of pitching) goes in the rows of the table. It must also be dichotomous for this assignment.

2. Write the hypothesis in the space provided on the assignment template. 

3. Write the null hypothesis in the space provided.

4. Enter which variable is the independent and which is the dependent.

5. Gather the relevant data. Enter the source of the data in the space provided.

6. Enter the data in the table on the assignment sheet.

            a. Again, independent variable on the rows; dependent variable on the columns.

7. Go to

8. Enter the data and calculate the chi square statistics.

9. Enter the p value.

            a. We want the two-sided p value, which is starred – not the one based on the “Pearson statistic”.

9. Interpret your results in the space provided.


Assignment Sheet

Assignment 3

Chi-square test


India plays better in International countries than home country stadiums

Null hypothesis

Playing International or Domestic does not affect Indian cricket team

Independent variable

Home or International grounds

Dependent variable

Result (wins/losses)

Source of data;id=2016;team=6;type=year











p= 0.3472652


The P-value is .3 which is more than 0.05 so the null hypothesis is not rejected. 


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