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April 14, 2020
April 15, 2020
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psych 200 experiencing the lifespan development

Apply your knowledge from Chapters 1-3 due 4/17

This is an application assignment.  It is the same as the key point assignment except you are choosing the topics and there are two separate posts required.  The grading rubric is at the end of the directions.

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  • I want you to choose two topics that interest you from the current unit and tell stories about each.
    • As with the key point assignment, your stories have to be correct according to the definitions in the chapter and used in the same way as they are in the text.  (check the key point assignment for an example)
  • Each story has to be in a separate post.
    • If you choose a topic by reading other posts, you would then reply to that person with your own story about the topic.
    • Either way, the assignment is the same — you have to tell your own story about each topic.
    • You are not required to reply to another person.  You can choose your own two topics.
  • Do not choose a category such as pregnancy.  Instead, choose one part of pregnancy, such as quickening.
  • If you have any questions about your topics, you can email them to me and I’ll tell you if they are ok — topics only; not stories.
  • If after reading the directions , you are confused or not sure how to reply, please email me and I’ll help you.

To get you started, here is an example.

I found the topic of evocative forces very interesting.  My  8 year old son has a severe case of ADHD, part of his inborn temperament, which causes him to be impulsive.  Because of his impulsivity, he is frequently doing things that get him into trouble. He is not a mean or bad kid.  His temperament is such that it is difficult for him to manage his impulses.  When he does something wrong, that evokes a disciplinary reaction.  For example, one day, he and his sister were wrestling in the front seat of a parked rental car.  They were both on the floor. He wanted to get back onto the seat, so he reached up to grab the inside rear view mirror causing it to break free from the windshield.  My first reaction was to ask him what happened.  He denied doing anything.  After a while, he told me what happened.  Because he had done something wrong, I moved him to the backseat for a time out. This type of interaction between us occurs frequently.  This is a story about an evocative force because his behavior of causing the mirror to be disconnected from the windshield evoked a disciplinary reaction from me, the timeout. 

  • Note how I start with the topic in my first sentence and end with a statement of how it connects to the topic.
    • The beginning wording is not critical as long as the first sentence identifies your topic.
    • This is a story about <your topic> because…..
  • I didn’t choose a category like our genetic tendencies but instead the specific topic of evocative forces.
  • I did not include the definition.
  • You cannot use evocative/active forces because I used it here.
  • YOU CANNOT USE TOPICS FROM THE KEY POINT ASSIGNMENTS.  It’s the category that counts, not the topic itself.   For example cephalocaudal development is a key point so you can’t tell another story about motor development even if it isn’t about cephalocaudal.

Checklist for the assignment.  Use this to make sure you have all the parts.

  1. Found a topic in the chapters for this unit that interested me.
    1. My topic isn’t a category.
  2. Wrote down the definition from the text to make sure I understand the topic.
    1. This is so you know what you need to include in your story. Do not include the definition in your post.
  3. Started my story with a statement of my topic.  I did not include the definition.
  4. Composed a story about people that includes all the parts of the definition.
    1. My story has not been used in any of the class materials.
    2. I included a reference if I paraphrased my story from another source.
  5. Included the age of the person and it matches the age in the chapter.
  6. Ended the story with a sentence saying how my story connects to my topic.
  7. Posted a second story in a different post.
    1. Found another topic in the text.
    2. Or read another student’s post that has a topic I’m interested in and replied with my own story about it.
    3. Checked 2-6 above for my second post.



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