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Public Speaking tips to your future self

FINAL assignment – Public Speaking tips to your future self – 10%

We have discussed public speaking in class extensively this semester. Unfortunately you only had one opportunity to speak in front of your peers this semester. Some of you were nervous, some of you were not and that’s ok!

For your final assignment in TRV401, please write/type a report on the public speaking tips you would give to your future self as a Travel Professional. 

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When is it due?

How many pages is this assigment?

  • How would you overcome your fears?
  • Is public speaking something you plan on improving/working on? If so, how?
  • Final words of encouragement you would give to yourself or someone else who struggles with speaking in front of people

Minimum 800 words.

10% of your final grade.

Out of 10. (3 for each point above plus 1 for spelling/grammar)

Marks will be deducted for anything under 800 words. 


I just copy paste everything whatever my teacher mentioned. If you need any other help or information please let me know.



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