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June 12, 2020
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June 12, 2020
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Quality Improvement Storyboard


Quality Improvement (QI) Plan: [Insert the QI Model selected e.g. PDSA, FADE,] [Insert the title of the Capstone Project here] Note: Adjust font size as needed
Quality Improvement Problem Provide a Brief Overview/background of the QI problem
Data to support QI Problem: Provide the data used to justify why the QI problem was selected; answers the question how many? How often?; How does the data show that a problem exists? Cite sources
Analysis of the Evidence to Support QI Problem: Discuss the important evidence from research, clinical guidelines, expert opinions with a brief description of important findings. This is the evidence that you used in the project/paper to develop your QI plan include in-text citations in APA format [Citation fonts may be smaller in size]
QI Plan: List or summarize the quality improvement plan using the Quality model selected – PDSA, FOCUS PDCA, FADE etc.
Resources to Support the QI Plan: What materials, who are the persons/department(s) or the title of the persons) needed or used in planning and implementing the QI plan?


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