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QUESTION 1 In Positive Psychology, flourishing refers to. optimal functioning a bumper crop for farmers good coping skills being popular 0.


  1. In Positive Psychology, flourishing refers to… 
  2. optimal functioning
  3. a bumper crop for farmers
  4. good coping skills
  5. being popular

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  1. Which of the following is not one of the eight recommended strategies for successful time management? 
  2. Spread your focus around so you get more done.
  3. Get organized.
  4. Break projects into doable chunks.
  5. Group related tasks and do them together.

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  1. Be wary of the tendency to confuse effectiveness with 
  2. proactivity
  3. optimism
  4. efficiency
  5. self-efficacy

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  1. According to time management expert Dru Scott, your high priority concerns should include 
  2. essential activities to stay healthy
  3. what will make you the most money 
  4. time off 
  5. trivial demands

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  1. Which of the following does not lead to wasting time? 
  2. perfectionism
  3. working counter to your body rhythms
  4. delegating
  5. indecision

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  1. According to Steven Covey, the key to effective personal time management is to 
  2. maximize time spent on Q II activities
  3. minimize time spent on Q II activities
  4. maximize time spent on Q I activities
  5. maximize Q III and minimize Q IV activities

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  1. Research indicates that over the long term, people who are able to defer gratification are 
  2. typically sore losers
  3. more successful in their lives
  4. genetically inferior
  5. likely to go into banking for a career

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  1. The ten year rule refers to the fact that 
  2. To achieve true mastery in a discipline you have to put in your 10,000 hours, which ends up taking about ten years.
  3. It takes your brain that long to assimilate all that it needs to learn in order to achieve true mastery. 
  4. Most geniuses begin to demonstrate their talent at about age ten. 
  5. a. & b. 

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  1. To enhance your ability to study for exams or in general 
  2. use the SQ3R method
  3. use shorter study sessions interspersed with breaks
  4. paraphrase your notes from lecture or your readings
  5. all of the above

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  1. When proactive interference occurs 
  2. old learning interferes with new learning
  3. new learning interferes with old learning
  4. amnesia patients slowly regain their memory
  5. being overly proactive in your life overwhelms your memory circuits

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  1. Stress mastery, as defined in your textbook, is about 
  2. always remaining calm and collected
  3. knowing when to get angry and when to stay calm
  4. becoming increasingly aware of your situations and your reaction to these situations
  5. doing a number of exercises so as to help you lower your physiological arousal

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  1. Stress appears to aggravate pain or cause acute pain to develop into chronic pain because 
  2. stress hormones block endorphin production
  3. pain is part of the fight/flight response
  4. pain is part of the General Adaptation Syndrome sequence
  5. pain is an early warning system to alert you that your body is under stress

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  1. Your mind and body 
  2. function separately
  3. are profoundly interconnected
  4. are profoundly disconnected
  5. work in opposition

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  1. Taylor’s research on gender difference in stress responses suggests that the “tend and befriend” stress response in women is likely due to 
  2. differences in brain structure between the sexes
  3. the absence of dominance issues relating to penis size in women
  4. female hormones like oxytocin
  5. differences in how men and women are socialized

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  1. Stress related maladies such as migraine headaches and ulcers are referred to as 
  2. malingering disorders
  3. conversion disorders
  4. autoimmune disorders
  5. psychophysiological disorders

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  1. Within psychology, the new field of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) has developed in order to study 
  2. the mind-body connection
  3. how new vaccines affect the brain
  4. the effect of neurology on behavior
  5. auto-immune disorders

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  1. The last stage of the GAS (General Adaptation Syndrome) is 
  2. the fight/flight reaction
  3. the stage of exhaustion
  4. stress sensitization
  5. the stage of resistance

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  1. The practice of laughter yoga in India involves 
  2. stretching while laughing
  3. concentrating on breathing while laughing
  4. concentrating on the feeling in the muscles while laughing
  5. people gathering in groups and for 15 to 20 minutes pretending to laugh until they genuinely do so

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  1. Which of the following is not a component of wellness? 
  2. satisfaction with your career
  3. a good social support network
  4. being independently wealthy
  5. being physically fit

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  1. The practice of active relaxation is important because 
  2. it allows you to more easily experience the fight/flight response
  3. it interferes with homeostasis
  4. it helps you become less aware of the tension in your body
  5. it counteracts the fight/flight reaction and restores homeostasis

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  1. Stress hardiness is not associated with which of the following 
  2. optimism
  3. psychological health
  4. high arousal only during exposure to a stressor
  5. low arousal when exposed to stressors

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  1. Research evidence indicates that having a good social support network 
  2. helps to reduce the risk for heart disease
  3. effects cancer rates but not rates of cardiovascular disease
  4. has a positive impact on psychological health but no measurable effect on physical health
  5. is helpful even if you dismiss the available support

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  1. Be wary of the tendency to confuse __________ with relaxation. 
  2. playing a video game
  3. inactivity
  4. flatulence
  5. singing

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  1. Which of the following is false about the value of social support for physical and emotional health? 
  2. Married men have a shorter life expectancy than single men.
  3. Cancer patients who join support groups tend to live longer.
  4. Loneliness puts you at greater risk for heart disease.
  5. People who have a strong social support network are typically happier.

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  1. The value of self-awareness is that 
  2. it lets us realize when we are acting silly
  3. it helps us realize that we have a choice regarding how we react to stressors
  4. we can float out of our body and view ourselves from the outside
  5. it leads to reactivity

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