Read the discussion of the Lorenz curve in Chapter 14, then look up on the web the GINI COEFFICIENT for your country and compare it with the GINI…
October 8, 2020
Consider the following CobbDouglas production function and SolowSwan model. Cobb-Douglas: Y = F(K, L) = AKGLPC’ SolowSwan: Y; = Fug, L.) 2 AKng0 1.
October 8, 2020
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Question 5 Will and Davy are playing the following game of Liar’s poker with the following A deck of cards consisting of 4 kings and…

Hello, I need help for the following microeconomics question. Thank you very much!

Question 5Will and Davy are playing the following game of " Liar’s poker " with the followingA deck of cards consisting of 4 kings and faces is shuffled and put in front ofWill . Will looks at the top card and makes a potentially untruthful announcementof " King " or " Ace " If he announces " King , the game ends with no exchange ofmoney . If he announces " Ace " Davy gets to take an action. Davy has the option of " Folding " or " Calling " If he Folds , Davy pays Will 80.50 .If he Calls and Will is holding the Ace , Davy pays Will $1 . If he Calls and Will isholding the King , Will pays Davy &a ) Draw the extensive form and normal form of this game . ( 10 marks )b ) Find all the pure strategy NE . ( 2 marks )Given that Will has a King how often should he bluff ? ( 5 marks ) ( Hint : Constconsiderized strategy equilibrium )Given that Will announces an Ace , how often should Davy call him ? ( 8 marks )

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