Major Contracting has always been one of your biggest accounts – until last year. A downturn in the local economy slowed both construction and renovation projects. As a result, Major Contracting reorganized its management team, including hiring a new CFO. The result? The company has been slow paying its bills for the past six months. As is customary, your company hired a collection agency to obtain late payments. The agency is now threatening to create credit-rating problems for your account if it doesn’t pay within a week. You receive a call from your contact at Major, a friend of 15 years, pleading with you to intercede on his behalf and promising to be back on track with bill payments. He tells you that Major has bid on a few big projects that should get it back on track financially within the month. You are now in an awkward position. You know that not all of the projects are firm, so Major may not be able to settle its debt in a month. You want to help your friend, but you also realize that you have a responsibility to your company and yourself – your compensation is based in part on the profitability of your territory. On the other hand, you do not want to risk losing the account and the sales that would come from these projects if they come through. Do you try to get Major the month it needs to get back on its feet? Do you claim it is out of your hands, which to some degree it is? Is there a better solution?
June 4, 2020
A particular brand of​ women’s jeans is available in seven different​ sizes, four different​ colors, and two different styles. How many different jeans does the store manager need to order to have one pair of each​ type?
June 4, 2020
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Read “8 Ways Analytics Are Changing Pro Sports,” and “Innovations in Sports Analytics: Marketing & In-Game Experiences” from the Topic Materials. Which of the analytics strategies profiled in the articles do you believe will have the most influence on the sports industry? Discuss how this analytics strategy impacts the sports marketing landscape?

Which of the analytics strategies profiled in the articles do you believe will have the most influence on the sports industry?

Building a better team is the most important strategy that can have a significant impact on the sports industry. This is true because when the management is trying a build a good team, they will face issues identifying the right talent. So they can make use of the analytics to identify the right players based on their current performance and also based on their historic performance data available. This can provide the team management an insight into what goes well for their team and how well they can balance the need for different expertise required to build their team. All the major teams in various sports are already relying on analytics to make smarter decisions and investment in players.

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Discuss how this analytics strategy impacts the sports marketing landscape?

Turning Customers Into Fans: Using analytics the team can analyze the behavior of the customers and also in providing the required content to turn them into fans of a particular club or a team. Various channels in social media play an important role in this and help the companies in reaching their customers at the right time and the right place.

Justifying A Significant Price Increase: The companies can give a real-time analysis of the demand for the tickets of a particular match in the market. So that the fans cannot question the increase in the ticket price. This introduces the transparency in the system and also allows the customers to know what is happening in the market. The company doesn’t have to hide anything and concentrate on creating a strong relationship with the customers.

Using Analytics To Define The Ticketing Experience: The customers will get an opportunity to know where they should buy the ticket and which seat to choose. During their booking, they also get additional offers so that they can choose what is best for them. All these are possible because the companies can understand the customers better and make the booking experience a customized one.

The Tech Revolution Coming To A Stadium Near You: The team can help the customers to get engaged in fun activities when they visit the stadium to watch the match. Using analytics and social media the team can ask their fans to involve in competitions and organize virtual games. This improves the involvement of the fans and also helps them in experiencing the game in a virtual platform.


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