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March 28, 2020
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March 28, 2020
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Relying on Data to Make Good Decisions in Healthcare

Relying on Data to Make Good Decisions in Healthcare

Reliable information ensures a responsible and enhanced delivery of care by doctors, nurses, and other medical practitioners. It provides healthcare professionals with a constant flow of consistent data from laboratory tests, medical procedures, patient records, and statistics from providers, which drives enhanced decision-making for individual patients within their facilities. For data to be reliable, it needs to accessible, accurate, current, timely, and complete. High -quality information is derived from analytics, which provides detail-oriented reports to aid the health provider to personalize treatment and manage illnesses for specific individuals (Mutshatshi, Mothiba, Mamogobo, & Mbombi, 2018). Subsequently, the collection of raw data should be thorough, concise, and dependable. In essence, the existence of reliable information when treating and caring for patients enable caregivers to make the best decisions possible for their patients. 

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The presence of big data has enabled the collection of large amounts of information that can be generalized to offer better demographic-specific solutions (Adibuzzaman, DeLaurentis, Hill, & Benneyworth, 2018). For instance, it provides a platform for nurses to retrieve clinical, administrative, and patient records from the different Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) that enable the organizational transfer of information (Altman, Colorafi, & Daratha, 2018). The field of health informatics allows nurses to make the best choices for their patients with as much detail as they have at their disposal. 

 In summary, all medical practitioners should realize the importance of cooperating with the national standards of record-keeping to ensure that they offer the healthcare providers quality data to make the best plausible decisions for their care. Similarly, the registry of accurate data that can be retrieved on time as per need. 


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Do all healthcare providers have access to HIEs?

Here’s a follow-up question from a topic related to our readings throughout the class – Briefly describe an organization and discuss how our need for information and knowledge impacts the configuration and interaction of that organization with other organizations. Also discuss how the need for information and knowledge influences the nature of work or how knowledge workers interact with and produce information and knowledge in this organization.


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